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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Reviews paper: not too bad

Hari ini aku menerima penilaian makalah. Ia antara gembira dan tidak. Kalau diterima, ia mungkin antara kejayaan aku terbesar abad ini, sebab ia jurnal yang besar. Kalau tidak, hidup ini seperti ini juga.

 Dear Dr. Idris: 

The reviews of your paper, XXXX to my office. I am sorry to inform you that the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology is not able to publish this study in its current form. 

However, because it is possible that many of the problems cited in the reviews could be addressed in a major revision, and given the interest expressed by the reviewers, we would consider a re-submission. You should consider preparing a revision only if you are confident that you can address all of the comments and criticisms detailed in the reviews. The reviewers' concerns and a number of constructive recommendations are clearly described in the reviews, so I will not reiterate them individually. 

If you undertake a revision, please send the electronic version of the revised manuscript* to our editorial office, along with a cover letter in which you indicate how you have responded to each of the reviewers' criticisms. In order to facilitate locating your changes in the revised text, please indicate them in the text by using a red font. We shall then arrange for it to be re-reviewed as promptly as possible. As a matter of policy, any manuscript returned after a delay of more than two months will be treated as a new submission. Of course, you may contact me directly if there are reasons why more time is needed to complete the revision. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider your paper. 


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you're closer and closer to your target. Sure you'll get it. Good luck!


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